Writing Workshops

Panther Orchard Writers' Retreat hosts two types of weekend writing workshops: workshops focusing on specific literary genres and workshops focusing on technology tools and applications designed to enhance writer productivity. Each is described briefly below.

Genre Specific Workshops: Panther Orchard Retreat will host two to three genre specific writing workshops each year, featuring nationally known writers with expertise in writing and publishing. In any given year, genre specific workshops will focus on two or more of the following topics:

Writing Biographies
Writing Short Stories
Writing Poetry
Writing Spiritual Memoirs
Writing Screen Plays

Writing Grant Proposals

The Fall 2010 workshop (September 10-12, 2010) was entitled
Writing Biographies: The Art of Making Historical Characters Come Alive. The workshop featured Dr. Marla Miller, author of the 2010 biography  Betsey Ross and the Making of America. For more information on this workshop, please see the section entitled Past Workshops. Below are two participant reviews:

What a wonderful weekend among published and yet-to-be published biographers in a free ranging discussion of biography and biographical writing.  Ray Anthony Shepard

I became inspired that my project was worthwhile and affirmed in the slogging work that I have been doing for the last two years.  On a more practical level I got very specific advice on using online resources for researching my subject.  Molly Turner (writing a biography of Louisa Murray, 19th century Canadian feminist author)

Power On! Technology Tools and Tips for Writers  In 2011 Panther Orchard Retreat will host three to four weekend workshops exploring the ways in which new forms of technology can support writers during all phases of their writing projects. Each of the weekend workshops in this series focuses on a different set of technology tools useful to writers. The first two workshops are planned for January 2011 on the following days and topics. For more information, please see our web page entitled Technology Workshops.

January 15 & 16: Generating Ideas and Organizing Information.
This workshop will develop knowledge and skill in the use of powerful digital tools for generating ideas and organizing information for a wide range of writing projects.

January 22 & 23: Writing and Managing Long and Complex Projects.
This workshop will develop knowledge and skill in the use of powerful digital tools for managing writing projects that have multiple components needing to be integrated into a conceptual and physical whole. 


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