Who We Are

Panther Orchard Farm in rural Hopkinton, RI became a writers' retreat in the spring of 2010 and welcomed its first residents in June of that year. Our mission is to provide a simple but elegant retreat that anticipates your needs as a writer and nourishes your creative spirit. We provide the privacy you need in order to focus on your writing, uninterrupted by the demands of daily life.

The Writers' Retreat at Panther Orchard Farm is operated by Lynne Anderson, professor of education at the University of Oregon where she is Director of the Oregon Writing Project at the UO, one of 200 sites in the National Writing Project Network. She is also the Director of the Center for Advanced Technology in Education (CATE) a research and outreach unit in the UO's College of Education.  Dr. Anderson has more than 30 years experience coaching writers of all ages - children, adolescents, and adults. An area of special expertise is the adoption and integration of technology applications and online resources to support the writing process.

Panther Orchard Farm is co-owned by sisters Lynne Anderson and Laurie Richards. It was originally purchased in the early 18th century by their ancestor John Collins, and has been in and out of their ancestral family for more than 250 years. Panther Orchard Farm did not receive its current name until 1824, when young Samuel Allen shot and killed a panther on the property. Even then this was an extraordinary event, and so the Allens were able charge for the privilege of seeing the panther's body. With the money they earned, the Allens started an apple orchard, the remnants of which are still visible. Hence the name, Panther Orchard Farm.

Panther Orchard Farm is managed by Karen and Jeff Izzo, who arrange to meet all guests when they arrive and introduce them to the features of our retreat and its estate like grounds. They are also on call for emergencies and assistance, including low cost transportation by limo if needed.